Day 9 – Warmth

Although today’s prompt suggested that we “draw with light” and use the sun as our source of ‘warmth’, I didn’t have a chance to get outside and snap anything.

Today was a cold, raw, cloudy, wintry day.  After chaperoning a trip to New York City yesterday for 47 high school students to see the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular, I was in the mood to stay at home and chill out.

I’m a pretty good cook, not too bad with a cake or two, but I have never been able to master the art of pastry.  Patience, perhaps, is what is lacking.  But whatever the reason, my pastry is not pretty.

Appearance notwithstanding, I got it into my mind to try a new pastry recipe and so I baked this apple pie from scratch.  As promised, it is not pretty, but it made the kitchen feel warm and smell good and there is a certain warmth to accomplishing a homemade pie crust.

And so I present, “warmth”.

Home made apple pie with 'made from scratch' pastry.

Home made apple pie with ‘made from scratch’ pastry.


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