Day 4 – Bliss

For some unknown reason, my camera has decided that it will not focus.  Auto-focus is not working – I cannot press the shutter at all in AF mode, and when I put it in manual, nothing happens when I try to focus it.

I suppose it could use a good cleaning and servicing, it is five years old and has never given me an ounce of trouble.  And this might just be the perfect opportunity to upgrade the camera.  I’ve been thinking about that for a while.

Meanwhile, thank heaven for camera phones.

So, today this is how it looks outside.

20150305_132705The one thing that the camera phone cannot capture is the blowing, driving snow.

No “Bliss” there.

Instead, I decided to capture the beautiful orchid that is blooming in the living room.  I am very proud of this orchid.  It was a gift from a student five years ago.  I was leaving the school where I had been teaching for 10 years to move to Maryland to live with my dad after the death of my mom.  I loved the plant and had never had an orchid.  I have cared for it fastidiously – I am better at killing houseplants than at growing them – but it has survived moving, re-potting and sporadic watering to bloom year after year.  This year, I’ve been reading up and might even be so brave as to try to grow a cutting when it finishes blooming!



Six beautiful blooms it has!

Six beautiful blooms it has!

This is my idea of bliss.


2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Bliss

  1. I’m also not good with plants – usually they die within a few weeks time after they were given to me – so it’s nice to see someone with success in this area. Gives me hope that someday I might be able to have a plant for a bit longer 😉
    And good luck with your camera or making a decision for a new one, I’m sure it’ll be tough.

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