Day 6 – Connect

I struggled with this prompt for some reason – possibly because the last time I did Photo 101, I really liked the picture I used for the theme and couldn’t get my mind to go in a different direction.

During the summer, the Amish and Mennonite communities in southern Pennsylvania sponsor huge auctions to benefit their local fire departments.  These are well-attended events where they auction everything:  animals, plants and flowers, furniture, handmade cabinetry, quilts and bags, tools, carriages, tack and junk.

While everyone attends these auctions, the Amish and Mennonites and easily identifiable and connected by their unique attire and choice of colours.


A couple observes the auction of handmade quilts.  This rack is where prospective buyers can examine the items before bidding.  Quilts of all shapes and sizes from baby to king hit the auction block for a great cause.

IMG_7311Three young men watch the sale of carriage and riding tack


This young auctioneer was excellent!  He stood out in the July sun for hours hawking plants and flowers to the highest bidder.

IMG_7317 (2)

Once you’ve made your purchases, these enterprising young fellows will cart it to your vehicle – for a small fee, of course!

IMG_7318Waiting for customers.

IMG_7326 (2)Once the carriages were sold, they must be moved out of the auction tent and back to the staging area.  It takes more than one to move these large coaches.  So every strong, able-bodied young man lends a hand.


5 thoughts on “Day 6 – Connect

  1. Beautiful! I agree with you, I am not comfortable photographing people. That is why there are not many closeups or identifiable people portraits on my blogs. All the best from Sweden!

    • I admire the Amish for their ability to maintain their simple lifestyle amid all the hubbub around them! I am cautious photographing them, but most don’t seem to mind much anymore.

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