img004Hi there!  Thanks for taking a look at my blog!  My name is Deirdre Magner and I began this blog as I needed  place to post my photos for WordPress Blogging U’s Photography 101.

I love to take photos – both snapshots and ones where I try to work on more professional looking composition, lighting and post production.  So while sometimes it feels a little hectic trying to get the theme, process the theme, take the photo and post the photo daily, it does get one moving!  And it is really fun seeing everyone else’s “take” on the same theme as well.

When I’m not writing and photographing things, I’m a teacher, a tourist guide, a mom, a daughter, a sister and an aunt.  And I officiate some field hockey in there as well. We live on a farm in rural northern Maryland and that in itself provides many opportunities for photography.

I love to travel and write a little travel blog, http://www.theamblingblog.com – a work in progress (aren’t they all???) as I recently decided to redesign the blog and it’s contents.  So while I’m putting that together, I hope you’ll enjoy a few of my photos.  Please feel free to comment – I love feedback!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Deirdre, You have a dog named Tadhg and I have a son named Tadhg who I call my ‘Puppy Love.’ Nice to meet someone who I don’t have to explain the pronunciation to ;).

    I took blogging 101 and learned so much. Then I took poetry 101 but only succeeded to keep up for three days. I hope to take it again someday. The courses and challenges here at WP are so fantastic. The most interesting, helpful, experienced, generous, and intelligent people all in one place. I have been overwhelmed with the advice received regarding the kitchen, garden, blogging, and personal situations. These last four months have been really life changing. So I say, why not start a blog for your photography?! And congratulations! I will have a peak around now.

    I also followed you on twitter, though I am very new and just getting used to it. Melissa Xx

    • Hi Melissa, I have had four Goldens – all with Irish names: Tara, Naoise (whom of course, goes with Deirdre), Ceili and Tadhg! You can imagine what fun I have when we go to the vet! Thanks for stopping by, the likes and the comments! I am taking the Blogging 101 again. I stopped in the middle because I was so frustrated with the theme I had chosen; Michele W. suggested a few which I needed to try. So I have selected one of them and I actually like it – but I took the course again to get some help with it (which I needed badly!) and to try to garner a few more readers! I tend to fiddle with the technology more than write! So if you feel like passing by http://www.theamblingblog.com and signing up, I’d be thrilled! (shameless plug) I didn’t see you on Photography 101 – I will go and find your blog right now and follow it. I love your photos – and while I know that it isn’t always gorgeous (I imagine you’re not taking photos on days when the fog is so thick you can’t see the sea!) the ones you post are lovely.

      I’m on twitter, but don’t post too much. I’m seldom at a loss for words, but twitter confounds me.

  2. Deirdre, Your Ambling Blog is fantastic, nice look to it too. I loved the tribute to your mum written on her birthday, Xx. Very touching and so well written.
    Those are great Irish names, but yes Gaelic is not easy to pronounce for us phonetic writing Americans!!
    I have no clue what I am doing on Twitter either and not too worried about it. I am also setting up a second website for our farm and gardens exclusively. Who knew work could be so much fun! Love a good challenge and figuring out the jigs and reels of blogging is definitely that! Best of luck to you with yours, I have followed both and will track your progress.
    Blessings, Melissa

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